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My demolition challenges in Black Ops 2 have frozen. I've finished all the challenges but it still says only 7/11 challenges are complete.

What can I do to fix this?

Btw, this is for PS3.

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Hello UbiquitouS89,

We are currently gathering information so we can further investigate this. Would it be possible for you to provide a screenshot of your Elite profile page (Web) showing the Demolition Challenges? We suspect the "Demolition Planter III" challenge is the one missing, therefore not awarding gamers with the "Demolition Master" title. We'd also like to see a shot of the in-game challenge list for Demolition.



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I am also experiencing this issue.  In game it shows that all challenges are completed but Master has not been unlocked and on elite it is showing that I have only killed 1 guy planting the bomb in the Interruption challenge and only 50% complete on the Shutout challenge.  lol after 40 hours of Demo I am sure that I have killed more than 1 planter

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