Error for PS3 is similar to problems with the launch of MW3 and Black Ops (original)

Black Ops II Technical Support

The same issues were present at the original launch of Black Ops II's predecessors.  I am sure and confident that the makers of the game will have the servers balanced and up to speed soon.  They do not want to fail at providing exceptional services because that means a fail in sales.  Activision is aware of the system errors that almost everyone is having at some point...... if you are not experiencing any problems that is awesome.  I too have experienced the glitches, but I'm not worried.  The game seems to be great itself, the graphics are awesome, and the new tweaks to the options are nice as well.  Should be an awesome game once the servers have balanced out.  If you really want to get mad however,  blame Sony for not having a strong enough network to support such a highly anticipated and must have game of the season.  Xbox system is doing better...... Have a great day and happy gaming (when you get the chance.... LOL)

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...and the trolls slither into the scene.

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