Game crashes on launch (all 3 modes)

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After the recent DLC patch on 28 Feb 2013, my black ops 2 pc game no longer starts. It crashes on start up across all 3 modes ( Single / zombie / MP), without any messages, the game just doesn't respond.

I have tried checking files integrity, reinstalling the game and reinstalling graphics drivers (as well as tried other versions of my drivers), none of this helps. It appears that my stats on steams have been also reset to 18th November 2012.

PC specs: 


i5-760 @ 4 GHz

GTX 670 windforce currently on 314.14 BETA (have tried at least 5 other driver sets)

4 GB corsair dominator RAM @ 1600 MHz

It's quite frustrating that I cannot play a game which I have spent roughly 170 hours on.

If I was banned, how would I know I was banned ( I doubt I was anyway).

I also believe there are no hardware issues, as other games run happily on my PC.

If anyone has any suggestions please fire away. I would also love to hear some advice from Activision as well.

Many thanks,


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Same happens on my PS3 now mate. Most people are saying we have to take the console apart and clean the blu ray lens but didnt think that was right so glad I've seen your post re PC version. I'm not risking playing it anymore until someone from Activision say's it's safe.

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