Game is Freezing frequently - multiplayer

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Game is Freezing frequently - multiplayer

I stopped playing for about three weeks, from September 16th through October 9th.

Prior to September 16th I have had no issues with Black Ops 2.

Since playing again the game freezes once about every 4th game.

It always freezes after a multi-player game has ended and the screen is turning black. When the game freezes all that you see on the screen is the game version number in the upper right corner of the screen. I have to reset the 360 to get things back to normal.

Pressing the XBOX button does nothing. When you press the button you hear the XBox sound like the system guide is going to appear but it doesn't

I'm playing on a 360 with the disk in the drive.

I have reset the storage cache. Also, I have just let the game sit in the frozen state overnight without hitting any button on the controller.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Game is Freezing frequently - multiplayer

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Hi Afterten,

Thank you for providing details on the issue you are having. Can you please check the game disc for any scratches, fingerprints or cracks?  Does the freezing occur on any particular playlist or maps?  Also, indicate the type of connection you are on (wired/wireless), the NAT type and bandwidth that registers in-game. Multiplayer>Options>System info. While in Options, press the Back button on your controller and System info will display on screen. You can get the requested info from that screen.

Additionally, you may want to try deleting the Title Update from the Games & Apps folder. Locate Call of Duty: Black Ops II, you should then see the Title Update located in that folder.  Delete this.  Once you launch the game again, you will be prompted to download the update again.

Let us know the results.

Thanks ^AH

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