Glitch in Die Rise black ops 2 NEEDS TO BE FIXED

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Glitch in Die Rise black ops 2 NEEDS TO BE FIXED

When playing Die Rise in black ops 2, I've noticed this has happened a few times to me and my team mates. While navigating the map, when you have to jump down the elevator shaft, the one that you slide at the bottem and come out at the AN-94, there has been several instances in which, while having no damage on us, we go down that last slide and it downs us and we lose all perks, and sometimes die because the rest of the team is on the other end of the map. I understand that you guys made the characters take some damage from the slide so that you cant just free fall down it or get hit by a zombie and rush down it. But I've about had it with this new level. We had a crawler, nice and slow, everyone was getting perks or pulling the box, we're just messing around, and I'm making my way down this elevator shaft, I even stopped before I went down that last slide to make sure I had no damage on my guy, but when I went down it, it downed me. No hits from a zombie, nothing. It's been glitching like that since the map came out and it needs to be fixed ASAP. It pretty much ruins the game when you can't even run around the level without going down from running into stuff, no zombies required.

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Re: Glitch in Die Rise black ops 2 NEEDS TO BE FIX...

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I have the same problem. I just finished a game where I died twice falling down to the AN. And I also died going down the slide to get to the box. I get hung up on something random and I immediately die. I don't think I can play this map until those two glitches are fixed. It's so frustrating, especially when it happens in the later rounds. Hopefully a mod reads this thread.

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