Got a new ps3 and put bo2 in it and when I do the update well after the log screen it freezes help me?

Black Ops II Technical Support

every time I wanna play bo2 after the logo screen I freeze help me it is in ps3

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Hi Rusal_Boy,

If you haven't already done so, please check the game disc for any scratches, fingerprints or small cracks around the center of the plastic ring.  Also, check if the console is hot to the touch when it freezes.  You should also try clearing the game data Activision Support .  Please specify if the console shuts down after the freeze.  Are there any flashing lights displayed on the system?

If the issue is persistent, please try the disc on another console.  This will help identify if it's disc related.

Let us know the results.

Regards ^AH

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Yep, try to delete the Game Data Utility and make sure you are using wired connection

in downloading updates to prevent data corruption. Also, try to log-in diff. account then check if

the issue still persists.

Kind regards.

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