HELP! Please... anyone?

Black Ops II Technical Support

Im a H/C zombie player and absolutely love the game mode.

Not a big issue but very, very disappointing...

Me and my friend had a very long, long game on Origins this weekend on PSN, the game lasted about 12hrs and we got to round 79 when the game froze, my friends score counted on the leaderbord and displayed however mine did not... we did not glitch or cheat just fast camping strategies.

Any help to get my score up there next to my friend would be very greatly appreciated, I will attempt a higher round eventually but not anytime soon, so any suggestion or advice on who i should contact to resolve this issue are welcome...

Thank you.

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Hello you can contact the black op teams maybe they clan explain to you.

My suggestion: if you are in online playing with other people.

1: make sure you have good connection and a good internet service not like a cheap internet.

2: make sure your system is not heated up at times that be a cause.

3: I dont know if its just me but if I am playing online and 1 or 2 were to leave then my game would freeze. So if that is a cause make sure that the people you play with do not leave the game.

4: at times it can be just a idiot hacking into your service and putting so much junk that it can cause internet connection lost.

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I have no issues with my connection...

My friends score remains on the leaderbord while mine is not, and i was hosting.

I would usually not bother and do it again but round 79... is not something planed everyday.

Thanks for your reply.

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