[I WANT ANSWERS] "Downloadable content has changed: storage device has been removed" Game Error!

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same here CETF

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Yeah Im getting the same green screen/donwloadable content has chan ged.  Ever since I got the first expansion pack.  Also had my ranks reset to 1.  lost everything.  alot of wasted time getting leveled up!   I called activision to restore my ranks 2 weeks aqo and still nothing.  I'm going to call again about this problem now.  Spend my day off on hold.  Good times...  Let you know if I get answers for a fix.

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I get the same issues and it is annoying!!

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Hello YoAveragaeGamer,

Trying to get some more information regarding this error message.

- What version/type of xbox are you currently using?

- How often are you getting the specific message?

- Any particular game mode/type that this is occuring in?

- Have you retrieved your gamertag on another xbox, and played the DLC on it?

- Does anyone other than yourself have access to your account?

Thanks ahead of time for the information! ^JG

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Any fix for this???? mine is also doing it, after the first game the second game doesnt load and kicks me back to main screed with the downloadble contect has changed or storage device has been removed error.

Its a black exbox (not the slim one) and tried 2 different hard drives. Doesn't matter what map it is. Noone else has access to the account and the gamertag hasn't been recovered on another xbox.

any help please?!! been hapenning for a week, gutted im now missing out on double XP weekend!!!

thanks in advance for your help.

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It happens to me during League Play matches

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I am Having the Same issues.

I have an xbox 250g Slim. It also did it on the Xbox 4g Slim.

I get the message everytime I try to play my 2nd match on BLack Ops 2 or if i turn off console and go to play again it will do it the first match

It occurs in Hardcore Team Death Match and Gun game

I have done 3 different xboxs and It still does the error. My orgiinal xbox elite died on Saturday. Bought a 4g did the error message, then returned the 4g to get the 250 gb and still same message on black ops 2, but only with Black Ops 2 game since the update.

Nobody has access to my account except me

I get that same error message or the Screen is all jumbled with weird colors pretty much looks like TRON lol.

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EXactly with weird colors too

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have found a fix to this. Not sure if it will work for everyone. If it does though please bump or like or some shit so it gets seen easier.

-Put COD disc in.

-X button for Game settings

-Install game to hard drive

Play till your heart's content!!!

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Hey Treyarch i Have the same issue, Itransfered my data to a new Xbox, in the old Xbox ihave played BO II and Downloaded the first Dlc, but since i have transfered data, gamertag-  i cant play BO II  multiplayer it appears a green screen.

How can i fix this?

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