I entered the Nuketown Code On xbox...need help

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SO! I entered my nuketown 2025 code on monday. (the 26th) But I was pending for like 6 hours, so I cancelled it.

After I did that, I went to re enter the code but I couldnt because it had "already been used" because I had already entered it 6 hours before then cancelled it.

Its not in my active Downloads, or recent downloads.

It is showing up in my memory as downloaded and not downloaded -.-

in the memory, I have the option to delete it, but im not sure if I should

any ideas?


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Usually for Xbox, there is an option somewhere to "Download Again"

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Go into account management, check download history, if it downloaded it should be there and if you click on it it should give you the option to re-download. You'll know if and when you've got it as there is a bonus playlist on public lobby for Nuketown 2025 owners

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