I got Demoted by a kid!!!! HELP!!

Black Ops II Technical Support

well i got demoted on mw3 like 2 days ago i was 16th lvl 80 and i get back on and im lvl 1 i spent alot of money and time into getting my lvl i spent money for XBL and map packs and tryed lvling up in black ops for a persteige token and now im demoted i want to know if this kid was serious or if ot was for a code of conduct violation ive done nothing wrong i can find out his gamertag if u need that but please get back to me i want my persteige back! if i dont get feedback i dont know what ill do.......

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This is the Black Ops II forum, not the MW3 forum.

I would suggest you contact IW Enforcers (reports@infinityward.com or www.twitter.com/IWEnforcers) or Support .


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