I no longer have "Plaza" showing up in any game map rotation. I do have it in "Custom Games" however. Anyone else having this problem?

Black Ops II Technical Support

Very weird. I no longer have PLAZA showing up in any game rotations. I have every other map but no Plaza. Anybody have any ideas?

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Hi. Just as an info, the map Plaza  is under the default maps of Black Ops 2. As you know, the map rotation of the game in Multiplayer is random and us players have no control over them at any rate. We can't decide on what map to play on. Just keep on playing so that you can access the other maps. I think you like Plaza a lot that's why you're looking for it.

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Yeah he's right. You can't expect to play all the maps. It will be assigned randomly depending on the lobby you got into. You see there are maps that are not suited for a specific game mode as well.

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