League Play (Championship Series)

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League Play (Championship Series)

Dear Community / Staff of Call Of Duty Black Ops 2,

I am writing regarding the ever so increasing issues on League play.

Before I start, I would like to note some information : -

Console : PlayStation 3.

NAT type : Open

Connection is moderate at around 800-1000 bandwith.

Season : 13.

Ok, ever since season 13 started, there have problems with Championship series, the first problem is that I will be in a pre game lobby, 8 players then a map and gamemode is chosen then it will keep cycling for example from CTF Standoff to SnD express then from SnD express to Hardpoint etc and it wont stop. This happens most of the time to me at a rate of 6/10 games.

Another major issue is " host migration ", once the host dashboards, even if we win, we will lose points then the ps3 will freeze and if we had any bonus points, we will get it back but we still lose our WS and most of the time 10 points which sucks.

This has started to happen often even without the host migration (Team of 4).

The game has become un enjoyable due to these issues and I really want this fixed please.

Yours sincerely, Le Megusta.

On behalf the community.

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Re: League Play (Championship Series)

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I support this well written article.

Me and my friends are experiencing the exact same issue and situation.

Please solve this


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Re: League Play (Championship Series)

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I didn't realize there was another topic, I had just finished typing my rage topic:
Migrating Host Issue

By the way, just so you know. It's not just League Mode, that is experiencing the "Migrating Host" issue. It's public matches aswell. It's really starting to piss me off. I'm not even joking, it happens every single game. Eventually the host gets kicked, and where all back at the Main menu. It's been going on ever since season 12 finished. Still hasn't been resolved. Quite pathedic if you ask me. Everybody is too busy playing COD: Ghosts. I've got the game myself, and it's fucken terrible imo. No skill required what so ever. All you do, is camp for streaks. No rushing, no drop/jump shots, just camping.

BO2 > GHOST (+2)

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