Major Patches Needed @ Treyarch

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     Many will agree that Call Of Duty World at War and Call Of Duty Black Ops are still great games to play. Only now WAW is full of people using god mode and ruining the game - Treyarch dont just forget about the game go back and ban these modders or patch it.


     As for Black Ops a theatre glitch giving 10million COD points how now glitched dis-enabling people to connect to the servers, please go back and patch this as many people still like to go and play these 2 games.

     Black Ops 2 could do with a local/ local only search preference as almost every game has someone from other countries try harding and gettting there killstreaks, e.g. as soon as a VSAT is called everyone just leaves. Introducing local only games with allow you to play with less skillful people so less try harders also making it easier for lower skill players to do well. In addition I very well know that the aim assist in game is rigged so that one team gets better aim assist than the other which ruins the game. It is no longer on skill it whether you have the additional aim assist, once again if one team has less aim assist they just leave.

DONT IGNORE IT!!! People like to play the older two games and play Black ops 2 fairly and without people try harding in every game.

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Hello Matty,

With Call of Duty: World at War, it's unfortunate that the cheaters and modders have taken the game over for the most part and have made the game unplayable for the legitimate players. However, there is no in-game banning or reporting system for it so cheaters must be reported to the console manufacturer to take action. The game does not have the inner workings to support banning players and an update would not build that possiblility. Reporting and multiplayer bans start with the original Black Ops going forward.

I will certainly forward your suggestions regarding Black Ops and Ops 2. Also, please see this support article on Black Ops 2 matchmaking

Regards, ^Axel Spoons

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