Matchmaking after installing DLC

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Matchmaking after installing DLC

Hi, first of all hello to all of you.

I have a problem and want to know your opinion and exp about matchmaking after installing DLC @PC. I've been stupid enough to buy Revolution DLC (aside problems I think it's not worth a dime) and after that my overall available rooms/matches to connect when that mysterious system is searching dropped to 3-7 max. Before that I had plenty of rooms to choose from - now there's few with the same players all over. Even after I quit one, that moronic system connects me again to the same room. It's clearly not intelligent system, sth from 90s or early 00s but what can we do. Treyarch thinks that lie thats it's good enought spoken 1000 times could became truth in near future.

Now, to the point:

- have you encountered the same problems?

- do you know any fix?

Of course, I contacted very nice although useless support and they told me... (drums) to check my connection. That was the point when my mind just blew of. My connection is very well verified. I've done some s**t. Checked it @Linksys WRT, checked at D-LINK, checked just @wired internet, even at mobile LTE - guess what magicians from Treyarch it's not connection issue - it's plain f**** up development!

So now, fellow players, please give me some advice and share your frustration with me.

Mr. Nikkolo G. from support (in my country when media speak about some criminal and court hasn't allowed to use his name publicly media just give name + first letter of surname - you should consider leaving only name or full name) left me with copy+pasted message that he can't help and will push my problem to some another magic department but I don't trust him, because I'm one of milions players/CUSTOMERS and in such a case, only few corporation in the world rly can support and care about me - Activision with it's support and sales chain (at the very same moment I'm f**** with Valve's Steam support about the same issue) is not one of these corps.

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