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I'm bad at this game.  So when I got a high scoring match I wanted to save it for posterity.  It isn't there!  I can find the video from the match, but it's the wrong match?

In the film selection area, it lists the match as being 19 kill to 11 death, but it isn't.  It's the usual run interference while my team mates get all the glory match...  Where's my killing spree!

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This tends to happen if you join mid game.  It will show only part of the game before you joined.  Well this happens with me anyway.

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Not the case here.  I was in the match from start to finish.  I did find the start of the gun battle I had been looking for, but the video is incomplete.  The whole video stops at 6:25, where most other comparible game videos are over 10 minutes. 

Techincally I suppose the question could be changed from "Where is my killing spree?" to "Where is the rest of my game?"

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Hello BloodyMojo,

Thank you for contacting us, the issue is urgently being addressed. Rest assured you will be a video editing guru in no time!  ^JG

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I was in a game, left in the middle, joined a party lobby with a friend, joined the pregame lobby with said friend, played that match on Carrier and went 23-2 and the game is no where to be found.  It is not in my recent games under the theater, it doesn't show up on elite either.  It shows up as my k/d ratio on the 5 recent games when I complete a match in the after game report, but thats the only "proof" I have.  What gives??

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