Mob of the dead freezes on loading screen

Black Ops II Technical Support

Thats true after downloading the apacalypse dlc i cant play mob of the dead!

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Hi SilverWolfSilent,

Have you tried any of the steps listed above? Please indicate what steps you have tried so far.  Do you have the DLC on separate storage devices or is it all downloaded to the console? 

Thanks ^AH

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Ok I think I might have a fix for you but I'm not 100% sure. Try going into your game data folder, and go to the black ops 2 INSTALL folder and delete it. After that it worked perfectly for me. Don't delete the Black Ops 2 folder with like 8 gbs in it, just the installs folder which has like 1800 mbs in it. Good luck to you!

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hey man, did this and it worked... i tried solo and co-op and it played fine. one question though, what exactly is getting deleted?

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Yes what are we deleting? I'm not gonna do anything just yet. We shouldn't even have to do this. Treyarch is responsible to have working products.

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Deleting all games files on ps3 and re-installing the DLC's in opposite direction (last one first), is working for me. I can play mob of the dead again and the other maps are working fine to..

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I did all this but I cant play wit my friends now, none of them, multiplayer lets me just not zombies

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im able to play mob of the dead now although, no fun playing it without friends

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