Moderator please read and help. "Prestige DATA Missing"

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I did a little 3-4 hour session because I had just hit prestige 4. I had two guns left to master in the SMG category with was MP7 and Scorpion EVO to get Diamond. During that 3-4 hour session I got to lvl 24 Prestige 4 and managed to get Diamond Camo for my SMG'S. I played one game to see what the diamond camo looked like on my gun. After the game I went to main menu and signed off xbox to go eat dinner and hang with some friends. I come back on 4 hours later and it said in these words similiar " Prestige Data has been missing you have been reset back to last save Prestige 4 Lvl 8" I went online and I went from level 24 to level 8 on prestige 4. I had lost all of my challenges I have done for the 2 SMGS and now I have to redo them. I went to theater to see if I still had the game were I had diamond and was lvl 24. THAT SAVED. So I recorded it and saved it to my edited films as proof that I had diamond camo and rolled back to level 8 from level 24. I'm going to be extremely pissed if there is nothing you guys can do. Please forum mods reply I'd like this to be fixed over night.

GT (Xbox 360): Yagermeister

You can go to my recent games on COD Elite and it will be the most recent game as of 1:56 A.M. Central it will be the map DRONE gamemode Domination. Go to the leaderboard rankings for that game and it will show me lvl 24. But if you go to my career summary it says I'm level 8 due to "Prestige Data Missing" I don't want to spend another 4 hours trying to get back my diamond SMG I want this to be fix. You can add me on Xbox if you want to see my film that shows proof. (Under edited films) I'm extremely upset and rollbacks/missing data usually don't go that far which makes me even upset more.

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Send a PM to Cutpurse with the gamertag, console type, and description of what you were doing right before the it occurred. He will look into it.

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