My DLC maps are gone!? (XBOX 360)

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After updating the game when I try to start up multiplayer it says I need to download Nuketown 2025 again. So I did. Then I went to play on the Vengeance playlist and it says I don't have that DLC. When I went to local to check if I still had the DLC it said I didn't have any!

When I go to my Xbox storage it shows that I have Revolution, Uprising, Vengeance, and Nuketown 2025 all downloaded! I have two seperate hard drives.

1. My Xbox internal HDD which has Vengeance and Nuketown 2025 stored on it.

2. My external hard drive which has Uprising and Revolution stored on it.

Another tip I found to be interesting is that all though the maps of the revolution DLC don't show up, the Peacekeeper SMG still shows up.

Any help would be much apprectiated.

- Sam

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Hello there,

This has been caused by the Xbox live service experiecning some major issues. I have seen some reports of this occurring, and can assure you that you still have the maps. They should either be visable, or can be redownload after this has been resolved.

No current ETA on when the issue with be resolved, but it s being looked into.




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