My stats been fixed after a month!

Black Ops II Technical Support

Finally, after a month, Activision got my stats fixed. I'm so happy that my combat record got fixed because I had million of kills with crossbow and other guns. The bad thing is that i got to the prestige master and I had diamond shotguns, ar's, smg's and 2 snipers golden + 2 lmg's. I got back to 8th lvl 55 with only diamond smg's and 3 ar's off diamond camo. The sad thing is that i worked hard for those snipers and they took me a long time to get golden but luckily I didn't lose my killer titles like as chain killer and nuked out title. I'm glad that my account got fixed and I'd like to thank Activision for that. I already knew though that I won't have all my camos for my weapons. Next wish i have is to get prestige master cheaters banned . Also 8th prestige emblem is my fav one, so I will stay on that untill new prestiges come out . Hope ya'll acccounts will get fixed soon and they will.

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Same here played to level 46 5th prestige had submachine gun in diamonds was at a friends house logged in in split screen with him the game froze we reset the ps3 i log in and my rank was at 1 leader board standing still correct just erased everything else this has ruined the game for me im not getting my hopes up that they will give me everything back it it just pisses me off that i have 6 days playing the game all for nothing

If anyone like a dev or anyone that will help reads this my PSN ID is: DUB-V_BLAZE

ugh this really grinds my gears

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Send a private message to Cutpurse on this forum and he'll take care of getting your stats restored.  He's a dev for 3arch.

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