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I know people will say that i'am cheating or anything else but let me explained.

I play more than 8 days, I was prestige 10 level 55. And yesterday night i were playing in a party with 3 friend in the Express maps. The host left the match nearly at the end of the match. Then something strange apend I got a message with prestige 11 on my ps3 but didn't read it and than uloake a lot of weapon playcard and I was master prestige level 55. It apend like that. So another glitch. That really frustating because I take me a long time to arrive at level 55 prestige 10 and I don't want to be associate with all these fake prestige masters. So if anyone has have a similar probleme let me know and also what can I do about It.

You can check my account and you will see that it legitimate.


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Not a glitch

After playing at 10 level 55 for a while you become Prestige Master automatically

Congrats on doing it legit <there are a mumber of others who have>.


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