Black Ops II Technical Support

I have never used so much as a modded controller when playing black ops 2 or any call of duty for that matter but it appears that I have been banned from playing Black Ops 2 on all my accounts. I had just started playing the game again and I knew I would run into hackers but I didn't think I would be IP banned from black ops 2 (which is what I think happened). If memory serves right the last thing I was doing before being banned was playing S&D on Yemen when all of the sudden everyone in the lobby was given super jump and god mode and what have you, followed by the game crashing almost immediately. I suspect I was banned by a hacker and want this to be fixed. I'm hoping I was temporarily banned for the shortest time, 48 hours, as you explain in your policy. I already tried cold restarting my Xbox one and resetting my router, switching to wifi WiFi and then back to wired connection, and nothing worked. I am able to play MW3 backwards compatible just fine but not BO2. I don't know if this comment will ever be seen but thanks anyways.

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