[PC: Leaderboards/League play] Why is my name showing up as random characters?

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Since I purchaced Black Ops 2 for the PC on Nov 17th, I have noticed that on all of the leaderboards, be it singleplayer or multiplayer leaderboard, show my name as a bunch of random characters.

See this screenshot for a example, my name at the top should be "[GAK]Hurja": http://i.imgur.com/BBSJ2.jpg

You can see another player with a glitched name as well at the bottom of the lobby leaderboard, his name definitly wasnt one shown on the picture.

At first I thought it was somehow related to the leaderboard database issues Treyarch had during the launch of Black Ops 2, but my name is still glitched as off Dec 2nd.

Other examples where my name is random giberish:

http://i.imgur.com/YZz9y.jpg Barracks menu -> League Teams

http://i.imgur.com/Bcumk.jpg Barracks menu -> Leaderboards. All leaderboards show my name same as in the screenshot.

Is there any solution to this?

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Kokeille nimeä jossa on yli neljä merkkiä.

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I'm experiencing the same problem, it's because you've used a Custom Steam URL instead of the Default Steam Community URL

Don't worry, this'll probably NEVER gt fixed

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Sorry but that is bullshit. The random number showing in the lobby is called GUID and this number is unique for each player. In the good old cod2 days you had to register this number at clanbase/enemy down before you were able to play matches.


For some reason this number will be display for all usernames <6 characters in BO2. Add an additional character to your steam profile name (a . for example) and your name will show up perfectly ingame.

remark: if you change your steam profile name while BO2 is running it will be reflected in the lobby but NOT ingame. For that you'll have to restart BO2.

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