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Dear Treyarch

You just locked one of my posts because you thought it was about dropped games and there are already a multitude of posts about that. Yes the server was dropping players a lot today, but the problem I am having is that you gave me a Probation Warning because of it.  I DON'T LEAVE GAMES ON PURPOSE AND I FINISH EVERYTHING.  So I am asking you to lift the warning.  It was a nightmare trying to play a match without getting dropped.  I can deal with that, but don't punish me because you couldn't keep me connected.


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same thing happened to me yesterday, i never manually backed out of a single match, all it kept doing was freezing up my system or kicking because it couldnt pull off a hos migration, in a 2 hour span i probably got in 3 full matches, it was extremely frustrating.  not only did i get a probation warning for what was completely not my fault, but I ultimately ended up being on probation,  I can not express how mad i was. now tonight me or none of my clan can even get into a public match at all.  I understand all the issues taking place, it's a new game, 2 days old, massive server overoad blah blah blah, i expected all that,  what bothers me is that i can find a post anywhere in the forum from actual treyarch personal letting anyone know that the are on top of the issue and trying to get things fixed, maybe i missed something i don't know, I would just like some recognition to the problem and some assurance is all.  I don't expect them to get it 100%, I mean after all, look at black ops 1, been out 2 years and it still has the same party issues that never got fixed

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I got the same message yesterday after getting kicked out of the lobby said something like if you  continue to leave matches before they end I would be temporarily suspended I also never leave a match before it ends it is messed up

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