PS3 Freezing... soon to be punished for it?

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So I have this problem... my PS3 keeps freezing!! I have downloaded all the updates that were supposed to prevent this from happening and still no such luck. I have even resorted to not playing the game for several months hoping to recieve a patch to solve this issue... still no such luck. I own the 160 GB slim (CECH-2501A) and the Blu-Ray Region Code: BLUS31011. Before you ask, no it does not do this with any other game, I have played other games since and have no problems. This problem doesn't always happen, however, only after two freezes (whether multiplayer, zombies, or campaign) I can usually play for a few hours before it does it again. I have to hard reset my system, send a report to Sony and then check my drive for corruption. This is getting old. Not only do I have to worry about this problem, but just now I recieved a probation warning for leaving games early! I'm about ready to get rid of this game, which is a shame, since I loved playing it. I had no problems with this game until I recieved the first patch that was to fix the problem. I have tried deleting the game data and reinstalling it, but that hasn't helped. I would like to get this issue solved so I can enjoy the game I spent $60 (preordered) to play. Is this issue still being looked into, or is this being swept under the carpet?

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hey man you not alone at all check this forum that i started and alot of other people are having the same problem including myself!

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