(PS3) Mob Of The Dead freezing big issue

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Re: (PS3) Mob Of The Dead freezing big issue

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No, im using stock equipment from router to ps3, no thumb drives or external drives hooked up, i have also deleted all the files and re installed them, and still having the same issue. i can play all other maps, multiplayer, zombie online or solo, but i can not get passed the first 5 seconds of the Mob of the Dead map loading, i get to see the guards foot, and hear them say, well lets go over it again, and it locks up there. hard locks the ps3, ejecting the disc does nothing other than that. i have to hold the power button down a few seconds and get it to fully restart. let it run its system scan for shutting down improperly, and then reload the game . its very irritating. i mean the system freezing from loading this map, then a hard kill, then patiently waiting on the system to scan for errors, and then loading the game again, and still cant play the map im wanting to play is a bit ridiculous. But non the less, i deleted the game file as prompted in the link above, downloaded everything but Apocalypse  DLC again and Mob of the dead is working, played to round 30 before i died, ( im a noob at times) everything was great!, Downloaded the remaining DLC Apocalypse, and wouldnt you know it, it freezes up again, same place as last time, the gaurds foot emerges from the bottom of the cell block, you here them discussing the escape, saying " we lets go over it again, and it hard locks my ps3. You guys should really work on fixing this issue soon, from what im finding on online searches there are alot of people having this problem, ALOT! i dont think its going to be anyone's system or connection with as many people as there are complaining about this. You guys need to fix this, please! We all beg of you! according to the post this has been goin on for better than a half a year!

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Re: (PS3) Mob Of The Dead freezing big issue

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One other thing I can suggest you try, is performing a system file restore on your console. For a step by step guide on how to perform this on your console, please see: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home-Support/Restoring-your-PS3-File-System-amp-D...

I do thank you for your patience while I attempt to troubleshoot this with you.


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Re: (PS3) Mob Of The Dead freezing big issue

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My Mob of the dead freezes everytime i'm on the loading screen solo custom games public and offline please if you can fix this let me know Thanks.

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