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Hey, i haven't been able to login to my PSN account for couple of weeks. When im logging in i have always had the option 'remember my password' chosen so all i do was to click sign in. However i accidentally took that option off and now i cant login anymore. The account name ign is 'jontsubeast'. I have linked that account with this but i can still however login here. Actually the sign in e-mail and password suppose to be the same here as when im about to sign in PSN. I obviously can't ask for help on PSN forums since i can't login there either.

My login address includes '' ending. Does this have something do with it? Because Microsoft owns hotmail and microsoft obviously owns Xbox so PS doesn't want to accept competition email addresses login anymore or something? Can somebody do something over here?

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Unfortuantly, it's not a Microsoft conspiracy.  Just go to, and click on "forgot my password."  As long as you know the E-mail address you're registered too and your birthday, they will re-set it for you.  I had to do this myself after the PSN went down for two months.

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But the problem is when i try to recover it says e-mail is not valid.. This is strange. I forgot to mention that earlier but i have now sent a question to PSN's support team via email.

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Hi Jontsu,

We understand your concern regarding your account; however, for PSN account issues you will need to contact PlayStation Support Contact Options .  Activision Customer Support does not have access to PSN accounts.  They should be able to assist you further regarding your issue.

Regards ^AH

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