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I pre-ordered BO2 a few weeks ago and i put in the code for my prestige token about a week ago and i still do not have the token in my prestige shop. If someone could enlighten me as to why its not working that would be fantastic.

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I think it will take time to get prestige token, not sure why It doesnt come.

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ok thanks, its becoming a pain in the ass now haha

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Report it to Activision/IW, they said it usually takes 2-3 days for the token to appear, and seeing that you've been waiting for a week.

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Pre order day 1

Code received and entered day 4

Prestige token in shop and spent on new class slot day 5,

Hope this is useful.

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Ive had the same problem entered my code on may 10th got the message saying code will be there in 24 hrs but still nothing. Ive just had a live text chat in the support screen, gave my platform, psn id, voucher code and the operator flagged it as missing. Said i should have a token in next 24-48 hours. Hope this helps.

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I got my Blops II Prestige token like the day after, wonder whats up with yours :/

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When I put my code in I went and checked and nothing was there, so I joined a game and immediately left and my token was ready to be spent, so try that maybe.

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This sucks. No token. I have reported but no luck.Its just a way to to get you to buy the new games. total BS!!!!

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Worked fine for me. My guess is you missed a step somewhere. I got a code that I then had to input at a different site. A few hours later, My token showed up. I would retrace your steps, you may have missed something. Or perhaps you tried to do it after the offer had expired?

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