Probation for non modded consoles

Black Ops II Technical Support

Hey guys, 


I'm a lifetime fan and a loyal customer of all your Xbox games. I've never jumped out of games, never cared about anything as frivolous as my stats. I always play because I enjoy the spirit of competition in the world you guys work so hard to provide. Recently I've been on a throwback kick, playing B Ops 3 Xbox 360 edition on my XOne console. I understand you guys can't control modded consoles, but you can control this probation scenario you've created. These individuals undermine your work through their cheats, mods, and other alterations to the game. So, for instance, if I can't get a shot off due to an aimbot mod someone is using, or I can't play the game in the way in which it was designed to be played, I feel, I should have the right to leave the game and lobby, without reprocussions. Now, I am a paying customer and the time out may be small. However, I dkndo get much time to play between work and my family. 5 minutes may be in of my play time. If nothing can be done to stop the probation, then I politely ask for a refund for my Xbox live account for the prorated time I am unfairly being suspended. I know you'll handle this accordingly. The last thing I want to do is play Battlefield or Fortnite, but I can only wait so long. Thanks for your time.


-Josh McQ.

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