Problem with Elite website, Need help!

Black Ops II Technical Support

I've been a registered member since Black Ops 1, but now with Black Ops 2 I tried to post something on the forum, but I found out that the website is extremely bugged for that account. I had to make this second account just to ask this.

List of problems I have with the account:

1) I can't post anything on the forums, there is no reply button

2) I'm missing a lot of buttons in the top (New, your stuff, history, browse)

3) In my profile I need to add a security question, but pressing save doesn't do anything.

4) I can't change any settings in my profile (password, email)

Not sure, but I am pretty sure that I also can't receive any messages and/or invites for clans.

Can anyone help me out? It's really annoying me.

I tried it on IE, Chrome and Firefox, all the same problems.

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