Reporting Cheaters outside of in-game option

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I ended up in a game last night where someone on the opposing team immediately called in two dragonfires.  I did not know who had done it until I went to theater mode later to verify.  Unfortunately, but that time they were no longer on my Recently Met Players list.

How can I report the user for cheating outside of the game? 

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You're welcome to send any of us a PM, or tweet or post on our Facebook wall via the links in my signature.

In-game reporting is always best, but we know it doesn't always work out that way!


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doesnt mean they cheated..

they could have had one for a while, used their other 2.. used their first dragon fire, and got another one.. ive had 2 lightning stikes in a row, and 2 agr's  doesnt mean they are cheating

god people in this game just claim cheater if things arent going their way.. . this is why i dont like the COD community.. nothing but 5 year olds, who cant take losing because momy and day gave them rewards for "trying their best"

organized sports are giving trophies for just being part of a team!.. LOl

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It basically falls under, if you think they obtained something in game illegitimately, then feel free to report them so that it can be looked into. Our security teams do thoroughly review these reports before actioning.

I'm fine with losing myself, though if someone won over me for violating any of the Terms of Service, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be reporting them.

On a side note, my mother does tell me everyday that I am the best...and I believe her! Thanks Mom!




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hi Emilio

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thanks for reply

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