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Still can't play bo2

Still can't get into a game of black ops 2 (Unless I wait a long time, which it should not take). If I'm lucky I can play ONE game but if I leave the lobby, the majority of the people leave or I DC then I cannot get into a new lobby (unless I wait an hour or so for people to join the lobby, which is not going to happen).

This has been ongoing for MONTHS with MANY people experiencing this problem (search the forums, you'll find them), but guess what? The problem is still here!

Fun fact: Instant lobbies on MW3 even though it has a fraction of the number of people.

My infos:

Nat Type: Open

Region: 36 (Florida/Southeast USA)

DL/UL: 2.0Mbps/1.0Mbps

Ping: 41ms

Connection Type: Wired

Version: Most Recent (374)

DLC: Season Pass

Irritation level: EXTREMELY HIGH

Methods tried in attempt to fix:

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Re: Still can't play bo2

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Irritation level: EXTREMELY HIGH <-- I don't blame you.

You should be seeing no issues on MW3, your connection is meeting the minimum requirements to play the game without issues.

For Black Ops 2, your connection is quite slow, which is why you're having issues. What ports did you end up forwarding from our list on the article you linked?


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Re: Still can't play bo2

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Hey I was having similar problems to you. Do you have cable or DSL connection? If you have cable and i think it works the same for dsl, call ur cable company or whoever you get ur internet through and first have them set up a STATIC IP using ur gaming systems MAC ADDRESS. Then have them set up a DMZ ZONE, sometimes called DMZ HOST, with your STATIC IP you just created for your gaming system. This worked like a charm for me and I hope it helps you because It is wayyyy too late in this games life cycle to be having the issues its having; I hope Activision and Infinaty Ward take good care of these bullshit issues on GHOSTS. Any way basically this does what flava sayd in his comment above but is just a step foward as now all your ports will be open, you bi-pass your firewall, and have a freeflowing connection to your gaming system. Again I hope this helps.

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Re: Still can't play bo2

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53, 80, 88, 1863, 3074 and I put the xbox's ip in DMZ (When I followed the instructions as outlined by -Game-for-Xbox-360)

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Re: Still can't play bo2

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Thanks, are you sharing your connection with any other devices?

Are you seeing the same results in zombies or league play?


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