Temp workaround for 7/23 update game crash on initial load

Black Ops II Technical Support

So at first I didn't have any issues with it but I had noticed some people had been crashing. I went to elite then tryed to go back to BO2 and my console tryed to freeze up. I opened my tray to get it to go back to the dashboard.

What I did to fix it was simply Clear my System Cache and Delete the title update for black ops 2.

To clear system cache go to your system settings then storage. Instead of selecting a storage device with the A button Press Y for device options. You will see a option to clear the devices Cache.

To delete the Delete the Title update go to your storage device (once again under system settings but this time go ahead and select the device) then find your black ops 2 game data (it will be under the games sub category) You will find a file that is called Black Ops 2 Title update (or something very similar) Delete that.

Now next time you start up Black Ops 2 you will have to redownload the title update. Hopefully this helps some players.

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Thanks for the tip. Haven't downloaded it yet. But from looking at the explosion of threads concerning the update bricking consoles it's good to know.

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