The End Of Call Of Duty!

Black Ops II Technical Support


I started playing Cod a few years back, and being a Cod fanboy i cant remember running into to this many problems with Call Of Duty. Sure every Cod has had it's flaws but Black Ops 2 is possibly the worst yet. I regret being so excited for the release of this disaster.

Here's a list of things effecting Online that many players are expericing with no fix.

1. You're servers are garbage, it always picks the worst host from the members in a lobby. I should know, i'm running a fiber optic connecting with a 75 mb download speed, This speed is 5 times as fast as most members in a lobby and still manages to lag, bullets not registering, 2 bar and 3 bar connection and the famous, 4 bar connection but still laging

2. The Call Of Duty servers are not available at this time when trying to connect to mulitiplayer, please try again later.... For a company making over 500 Million in the first 24 hours of a game release and running online gameplay for over 5 years, you'd think it's possible to at least be able to fix these server glitchs.

3. Spawns..... need i say more. i've literely spawed with the enemy team across the map from my team, countless times. How do you except me to win a gun fight against 5 guys next to me?

4. I worked my ass off to get to 7th prestige, trying to be one of the first on cod to make it to 10th only to come across this error that disables me from creating classes. As i noticed many other players are experiencing the same issue. UI Error 57853. I understand, i can't have more then 10 classes but why give me the option to create more. Is this some kind of fuck you fanboys, we dont need your money slap in the face? I mean COD without classes is the same as a Plane without wings, da fuck is the use of it. This is my issue as of right now, i either battle my way to 8th using shit classes, only to reset my stats back to level 1 so i can make a class. In my books this is not an option and would love to see a fix asap for this problem, sure not the greater population are experencing this yet because there only 3rd/4th P. Give it a few weeks and you'll have flocks of people ripping you guys a new asshole because of this issue. As of now i quit my Cod career after 5 games, making it to 7th P Level 10. 

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