The call of duty Black ops 2 server is not avaible at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates (ERROR)


Black Ops II Technical Support

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same damn problem, then when you call them they just give you shitty advice like turning your console off and on again or unplug your router. i spent like and hour waiting on the phone with customer service only to get that crappy advice. game freezes cant play online WTF ATIVISION and TREYARCH we bought your damn game and you come up with this BS!? this is just stupid, why would you even release the game if you didnt have everything worked out.

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Agreed, I Know how you feel!  It really Frustrating ! Smiley Mad

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Yeah i also having the same issue worked fine all day yesterday then during the evening and today nothing pissing me off also

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yeah i spend 2 hours on the phone and they give me the same advice as u said. then we told them that an error pops up saying the same thing as the forum title, and then they said "Oh, you are having the same problem like all the other people" and that was it. Like wtf i spend 2 hours waiting on the phone hoping to have a good advice but no they have to give me some BS advice

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(Denmark) [TheDevilKing87]

Same problem can play online can't go public can't connect to server but getting the invites still so some people can get in game got dome friends inside ho is able to play so I don't understand what's going on here 

Some can and some can not seems wired 

4/10-16 12:04 om

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Im glad to know Im not the only one with this problem. It seems almost as though they might be playing favorites or something


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to fix my black ops2

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i dont know what i did but i was playing black ops 2 online a few moments ago then i restarted the console then when i tried to play online again it shows that message so i dont think its our wifi router,etc

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its not the wifi router ect. its treyarch and activision trying to get everyone to switch over to there newer garbage games just sit there and think about that for a second think really hard we all were able to play 3 days ago and now everyone worldwide cant


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