The call of duty Black ops 2 server is not avaible at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates (ERROR)


Black Ops II Technical Support

Im having the same problem as bucoda. I've tried lots of things, but nothng will work. My brother is playing Black ops 2 perfectly, though.

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The same problem I hope repaired as soon as possible and thank you

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Australia. ISP: Bigpond Telstra

Getting the multiplayer connection error for the past 11 hours now. please fix this asap


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@Doak54 escribió:

Recibir un mensaje en mi consola PS3 que indica que el servidor no está disponible ahora, intente de nuevo más tarde. Jugué bien el juego anoche y cuando fui a jugar esta mañana he estado recibiendo esto todo el día. Y se produce en medio del doble fin de semana XP. Decepcionado


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Im having the same problem its been going on for three days i bought a new game of it and it still says the same you operaters need to fix this problem or people will stop playing your product and its kind of annoying if i see that every single time i try to logg on and my network is fine i did a test evey tging was connected

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Same here call of duty server down i don't get it i hope it starts working soon

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How do I stream 
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Same probably happening to everyone, it's just plain bull *****

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Tristen Ermon
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I have already stopped buying there games since bo3 and if it wasn't for most of my online friends only playing bo2 I wouldn't have it this company has no care for us just are money 

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