The call of duty Black ops 2 server is not avaible at this time. Please try again later or visit for updates (ERROR)


Black Ops II Technical Support


ISP : Speedy Telkom

Please fix !!!

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same problem


ISP Time Warner cable


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Getting a message on my PS3 console stating the server is not available now please try again later. I played the game fine last night and when I went to play this morning I've been getting this all day. And it comes in the middle of double XP weekend. Disappointed

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Yeah I keep getting the same thing can't play online my net is fine just your "server" plz fix this I bought the game and can't play it? I live in lismore, nsw,  Australia. Thank you

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I'm in Murwillumbah Nsw on telstra lines and have the same error "Black Ops 2 server is unavailable" GRRR i am on telstra lines and have been playing the game since it came out, i played last night and woke up this morning and now cannot connect to either the black op 2 server or mw3 server

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I have the same problem. It has been going on for 2

Months and it has me very disappointed. My name network name is: Killa13_sav

I'm wondering was I banned ? Is it the my ps3 ? PLEAS help

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Listen i am living in Jamaica and i am using the ps3, i constanly connection interrupted whenever i leave the lobbyt because of this i get a warning message why am i going to keep playing the game if i can not get a good conection

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call of money fix it

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I am now having this problem as well. Just started today. My brother plays upstairs from me and is not having a problem but I cant sign in

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Myself and 3 mates having this problem tonight. Cannot play a full game at all. All of us on talk talk in various locations in the UK

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