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I hate forums and im not even sure if im on the right area. Why wont it let me watch my films? I had the best match EVER and now i cant get the video of it. Just says loading...for like 30 minutes now. Whats goin on? Anyone encounter this?

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Theatre mode is down, if you follow @Treyarch on twitter they SOMETIMES like to post news, but rarely. If you go to you can see that they are at Defcon 3 for XBOX and PS3. Just save the match in your films and wait for it to be back up, exactly what i'm doing haha.

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lol me too just got an across the map combat axe in search, not gunna play any games until this is resolved!

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Hello FragginAwesome,

We are currently working on theater issues right now that we hope to have up and resolved soon. Thank you for your patience! ^JG

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is there any set time of when this will be fixed? I imagine there have been many complaints about this!

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