Theatre Mode Issue, I'm Guessing

Black Ops II Technical Support

Whenever I render my Black Ops 2 clips to Youtube, the clips are in bad condition, meaning: they lag and the audio is always ahead of the video. Does anybody know why? Because it's a bit upsetting when I try to show people my clips, and the video gets ruined because of the audio and video being out of sync.

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Have you tried deleting them from YouTube then reloading them?

I seem to recall having similar problems with BO1. Make sure your settings at YouTube are good. It's been too long for me to recall what, if anything I had to do there. Also, I'm pretty sure the videos need to be like 1 minute or less in length. maybe 30 seconds or less. Well, you need to make sure they are 8 to 10 seconds less than that or you're going to have issues, I do remember that.

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