We need a patch to change language in Xbox version... mine's all in portuguese!

Black Ops II Technical Support

PS3 players can switch languages when they switch their console language... but BO2 doesn't work my PS3 (overheats) so I play on my Xbox... that's configured to ENGLISH but the game is all in portuguese, inclusing audio! It really sucks this way... specially considering that it's in "Rio de Janeiro Portuguese".... people all over the world should know that people in Rio de Janeiro don't speak normal portuguese! DON'T set up your translation offices there!

In fact... let brazilian people learn english and don't translate your games at all!

  You won't sell a single additional copy here by doing so; most Brazilians buy pirated games anyway! Those who don't, usually buy imported games! Why? Because... well mainly because most people are idiots and don't know how to attribute value to intelectual property... that, and piracy isn't illegal here... (well officialy it is, but you can find 2 to 5 dudes selling pirate games and softwares in almost every street in every city so... how's that to be considered illegal?)

  So who's afflicted by the fact that we can't change the language? Those of us who bought the original game and didn't wanna wait a week for the importation of the american version.

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I made an account just to say how stupid and ignorant you were on that post. "Rio de Janeiro Portuguese"? People in Rio don't speak normal portuguese? REALLY? And I'm glad that "people all over the world" don't know that. Because it's wrong and plain stupid. And you can find TWO TO FIVE DUDES selling pirated software on ALMOST EVERY STREET in EVERY CITY? So the whole country is one huge pirate software market? I don't know if you are brazilian, you did sound like one in some of the sentences you've said up there, but if you are, you're exaggerating in most parts and simply stupidly wrong in the others. I shouldn't even start to argue about the illogic taxes that games suffer here in Brazil, but that forces people to find a 'more fair' way to acquire the software. People would be more than happy to buy software for a fair price and not 2x, 3x what it costs on US. That's why piracy is so controlled in the US. Not just because it's more restricted legally, but because people can afford to buy the software at a fair price.

But back to what your original point was, turning a blind eye to all the bullshit and stupid things you've said along the way, I do wish I was able to change it to english, because the translation wasn't that good. But I do appreciate the initiative, nonetheless.

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