What is the mechanism by which I can have my 'probation' status removed or reset in COD Black Ops 2?

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What is the mechanism by which I can have my 'probation' status removed or reset in COD Black Ops 2?  I play Hardcore games and stupid teammates walk in front of me while I'm shooting.  It's happened enough that now I have to deal with 5 minute probations all of the time.  their stupidity gets me kicked and now I have to suffer probation?  I contacted Support and they told me "too bad".  really?  Is that how Activision treats their paying customers?

I'm a career software developer so I know they can code the game so that kicked players don't get probation.  I also know that many, many people have complained about this problem.  I found a forum that said I could contact Customer Support and they would fix it but they didn't fix it and instead told me there was no way to fix it.

Is there really no way to fix this?

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I am a major in software engineering and i know for a fact that there is a way to make it so kicked players do not get probation. 2 simple Booleans and a simple check, and it is fixed.

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solution is to stop teamkilling.  You only get kicked for tking be either tking at the start of the match or by tking multiple people within a match..either way your kick and subsequent probation is warranted.

-As for the software engineering major...did you ever consider that

if (teamkilling = true) then apply probation

is intended part of the code.

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If you are getting 5 minute probations, it is because the game is reading your departures from the games as dashboards or disconnects. Team killing affects the dashboard or disconnect reading because the game literally drops you from the match after the specified number of team kills. For BO2, if I recall correctly, it is three team kills in a single match. At that point, you are dropped from the game.

That alone does not activate the probation. You have to drop from two or more games within a short period of time. The consensus during the BO2 season was that "a short period of time" was some amount of time less than one hour. In other words, you dashboard twice within an hour, you get probation. I believe, however, that it was a half hour. In other words, if you dashboard now and do so again within 30 minutes, you would be given probation. If you dashboarded again, after the 5 minute probation, within 30 minutes of that second dashboard, you would be given a second probationary period.

Remember, I am saying "dashboard" universally with "disconnect" and "drop." So, even if you don't think it was your fault, the game is looking only at the fact that you disconnected from the game.

All of this means that you are team killing very often in order to be getting probation so often. If that is the case, then you need to avoid playing HC until you have become much better at avoiding those players that are purposely walking in front of you (which you can practice doing in Combat Training or Private Match) or you need to avoid HC because you are not shooting teammates by accident.

There are easily a couple thousand veteran HC players that will readily confirm that for you to be team killing so frequently, the issue is with how you are playing the game, not with how the game is working.

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Hey dude. Probation is a penalty given for kiling team mates or leaving the game early. It is party of the game policy. I also found this page or article on their site, you can check on it, Activision Support .

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