Why bother playing if we cant get on the leaderboards???

Black Ops II Technical Support


Right so as alot of us was waiting for the Black ops 2 to come out , I am sure alot of peoples main purpose of getting this game was for the legndary zombies , of which i know alot of people have played since W@W,.

Now the main thing that I enjoy is getting to high round with my friend , as we have played together since the start and know how each other play , so when we got the game we went straight into custom and got to 20 on transit , not amazing but our first go .

when we went on the leader board , nothing was there , ok now we know you have to play a public match for it to count .

But when we play it forces us to play with another 2 people !!!

so whats the point of the having a 2 player and 3 player leaderboard when you cant easily get onto them? , it is luck to do so.

instead we have to play with randoms of which , usually suck at the game and make it difficult to get to high rounds and also when they quit ,thats the highest round it records!!

so with the main purpose of zombies being to get to the highest round possible ,whats the point of playing becasue it doesnt save myhighest level and so I have been deflated from playing the game , which annoys me as I played the last for 2 years , I hope they fix this becuse Im not getting any DLC untill so .

Also when I start a solo game ( to get on the leaderboard) it just says creating lobby and doesnt give me the option to start the game !!!??

so whats that about ?  anybody else have that problem ?

come on Treyarch dont ruin what could be a good game

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