Why can't I access the season pass?

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I recently downloaded the black ops 2 season pass onto the master acount on my PS3. However, I only play games on a sub acount, and for some reason the season pass is not showing up there. Every forum I have been to has said that if you download it on the master acount it should download in the sub acounts, but it has not. Please help and thank you for your time.

Some additional information:

It shows up in the master acount downloads on the PS3 store but does not show up the sub acounts dowloads

When I play on the master acount, the maps are there. When I play on the sub acounts, they ask me to buy the maps.

Please note that playing on the master acount is not a viable solution, as it is not my acount.



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We honestly don't advocate or support DLC sharing. In general though, if your account isn't recognizing the pass, you might be running into regional compatability issues.

As a rule, your account's assigned region (usually address), DLC's region, and the region for your game (as noted by the BL code on your game case) need to match up, or your DLC won't be recognized ingame.

Hope that helps!



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