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Hi there, I'm not sure if this has any relive acne or not but since I bought the cod ghosts my black ops online gaming on ps3 does not connect to any games. I can play in the champion series but not in the mosh pit series as well. When I go find a match it goes to the screen when ur connecting to a game and just has waiting for a host and searching for games (0 games) majority of the time. Please help me with this I used to play for multiple hours daily and IMHO ghosts online play is nothing compared to black ops 2.

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Hey ellofella,

Thank you for taking the time to post!

I will need some more details in order to investigate this further: Since when have you been unable to connect? Have you tried rebooting your router and console? Are you on a wired or wireless connection? Lastly, can you let me know your NAT type?



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Since I bought the call of duty ghosts which was bought the day it came out, I believe its connected to a public match just once by its self without getting sent a game update.

I Don't think it's my router as there is no other problems with other games as well as iv recently moved houses in January and have a new router and still the problems occur.

i Am on a wireless connection and NAT type is open

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