Black Ops II Technical Support

ive been looking around on the forums and cant really find anything but i just wanted to see if there is a problem on the game straight up freezing on people in matchmaking ive played about 12 matches 2 without freeezing and having to restart my ps3,is this a known problem or is my ps3 dying on me

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game keeps freezing on me too.......i have the xbox 360

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I cant even play the game...i played 2-3 online games and now when i try to start the game it says

An error occurred during the start operation (80010514)

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Please stop the crying! 12 games? ever since i stood inline for midnight release i havent once got to get online. server error every fu(king time!! so yes it sucks but trust me it could be worse. i dont even know what online with the stupid discrace for a game is like because i froze to waste my time and not one admin or sctivision person says anything to me or to help me or 1 on 1 with me except "where do you live" yet none of them respond once i answer.

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