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any body with lag comp still playing these games? (black ops and mw3)

anybody find out how NOT to get lag comped to death?  slow movement and 2 -second delay.  

I'm on xbox and rarely get a syncronized game.   same on PS3.  


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I'm seeing the same on PS3 for Black OPS 2 - some games everything I shoot gets killed and then for most of the other times I'm concentrating my fire on them for 4 seconds (SMG rapid) and they don't die and just shoot me with one or two bullets... Watch the kill cams and no red shows up on their screen - even though I've pumped them full of bullets from a SMG!!!

I would recommend that someone senior in support plays on a normal broadband connection and sees for themselves what it is like.

I've a 50mb fibre broadband connection and I'm sure that when I'm host it is unplayable - why why why penalise me for a fast connection...

Please, please try and fix this....

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