plss help i got reseted from prestige 8 lvl 9 to lvl 1

Black Ops II Technical Support

Its been 9 days since january 25th and i still havent got my lvl back, my old lvl was prestige 8 lvl 9 and i had 5 gold camos which is gold m8a1, gold skorpian evo, gold r870, gold dsr and gold combat knife, all of it are max prestige. this happend to me in january 25th, i just prestige 8 and reach lvl 9 or 8 then my screen froze then was sent back to the lobby. then when i got on to the multiplayer i was lvl 1, i turned off my ps3 and got back on again and i was still lvl 1!! then i check on another account and it still lvl. but when i look at the friends lobby leaderboard am still first but am lvl 1. plss fix this and return my old acc to normal with all my permanent unlocks. please and thank u.

i was using a PS3

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cutpurse my account got deranked i going into a game and it disconnect.

when i went back on i was level 1.


plz help

this happpen today 2nd of feb

oringinal level 2nd pretige lavel 24

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they still havent fix it yet....

still lvl 1

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Same thing happen to me but in the main menu i click on to support and search pptions some where thers a fourm u can sent i did it yesterday some on pleasr ansew if u know how long it take

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i hope they fix it as soon as possible =/

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If your rank and stats have become corrupted, the Call of Duty servers will restore them using a previously stored backup. This means that your rank and stats may not be exactly where they were before the reset occurred.

Most of the time, these issues are resolved within 24 hours. This allows time for the game to sync with the servers to restore your lost rank, experience, stats, and/or achievements.

Why ranks and stats get reset

The known reasons for why this could happen include:
  • Local issue – One guaranteed way to get the rank and stats corruption is through the following method:
    1. Receive a message stating “Cannot Connect to Game Servers”
    2. Go into Local
    3. Once the game reconnects to the servers, it causes the corruption. If this has happened, you can request to have your rank and stats restored by filling out the upcoming form.
  • Data corruption – There are a variety of reasons for data corruption. If you feel your rank and stats were reset as a result of data corruption, you can request to have your rank and stats restored by filling out the upcoming form.
  • Bans – If you have violated the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Security & Enforcement Policy, you may be subject to a temporary or permanent ban from the game, which can include having your rank and stats reset. When this happens, your game data will not be restored.
Getting your rank and stats restored

Use this form to submit a rank and stats request:

Rank and Stat Reset Request Form

After submitting the form, we will investigate your request and provide a result via email. This is the quickest way to have your rank and stats restored.


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