rank reset, threatened by other players

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rank reset, threatened by other players


I had a temporary suspension placed onto my account and I had a couple diamond/gold items that I worked very hard for. This happened about a month ago or so and I was wondering why this action has been placed?

I was sent a message in a threatening manner stating that if I don't join the lobby then I would have my account hacked/reset so I joined because I didn't want either of those things to happen. Later this week I tried getting back on and got the message that I had a temporary ban and went to check on my stats and all of them were gone. When I joined this lobby I had no idea what they were doing, but they threatened to take over my account and now I have nothing! They kept telling me to use tactical inserts and I did this so I would not get hacked.

My account on xblive is westo68

I'm hoping there is a way to roll back my stats/rank cuz I put a lot of time and work into this

Thanks for looking into this

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Re: rank reset, threatened by other players

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I'm sorry to hear that all your hard work was erased. Unfortunately, ban actions are not reversible. I suspect the primary reason you have not seen a direct response from TA or ATVI in this post is because the enormous volume of similar posts throughout the year to this question.

The justification you provide does not work as an excuse for at least one irrefutable reason: you could have contacted ATVI Support for verification as to the legitimacy of the message you claim to have received. The nature of the message you claim to have received also demonstrates your own lack of prudence: common sense should have dictated that neither the developers, the publishers, nor the network provider (Xbox Live) would have threatened you with action for not playing the game.

Not only is it possible that someone on your friend's list could have sent the message, it is further possible that a former friend sent the message. Still further, it is possible that a "friend of a friend" could have sent the message. Yet further, any player you met previously in a lobby could have sent the message after collaborating with you via voice chat in order to make sure you "inconspicuously" received the invite.

Regardless of how you found yourself in a hacked/modded lobby, the fact is that the investigation process is extremely thorough. If you were issued a temporary ban with your stats reset, consider yourself quite fortunate. That is usually the response to a first time, "mild" case of cheating.

I strongly recommend that you do not participate in cheating in the future. I further suggest that you closely examine who you choose to associate with while playing online games in order to avoid harsher punishment in the future.

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Re: rank reset, threatened by other players

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So your excuse for boosting was that you were forced to do it? yeah...good luck with trying to get your stats restored.

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