same old microphone problem (PC)

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yep,first of all i do use a creative tactic recon 3d alpha headset. my drivers up to date and its working very well in windows recorder, teamspeak , any other in game voice chat etc. yes i know i ve to push and hold the button to talk in game.

problem : the capture value is very very very low even the threshold is %100 in game and windows both. i really need to shout like a maniac to make game detect my voice. i searched around a lot and havent manage to find a solution. there s also no .cfg file to play with on steam. anyway developers please you need to look on this issue seriously and asap. or if you have a fix, please share.


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Hi there!

This might be due to whatever settings you have enabled for your sound drivers. Sometimes checking "Microphone Boost" is necessary.

Can you show us DxDiag info for your PC, please?


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