spawns and killstreak protection??

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well i really hope! so a multi billion franchise with all that money! instead of recycling it all and not changing any of this could make such a great product! this game wont even run on the ps3 which just says alot how treyarch treat gamers and consumers! this wont kill cod but its getting to the point where it will. prime example this has put me off buying cod ghosts il be getting the new gta though no doubt.

activision are becoming money hungry ba$tards to be honest i mean come on how much money does one person need or a company?? never going to spend it in a life time!

well they must know the spawns are bad this has been the worst cod by far after mw3 i didnt think it was possible in all honesty! the franchise is dying and not surprising with this amount of lazy incompetence that comes from treyarch lol.

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Actually I was very disappointed with this game respawn. First the idea of not having time to respawn is ridiculous. Lets play totally disorganized and totally without the minimum of strategy by playing in groups. If you feel good, there are 2 or 3 places to respawn in the game and if you put a landmine in place, the opponent literally born dead. Not to mention the possibility of killing the opponents when they are born only in getting respawn stopping and waiting for the opponent birth. For diversar times I supreendido with players born on my side.

If the intention was to transform the Activision game into something "RUNNER" and without any skill to play succeeded. After you find 90% of players running it crazy to kill and without any strategy and those are some strategy are hampered by a ridiculous respawn.

Another aspect that makes the game bad is the submachines. As a weapon like this has a alance shot better than a M27. It is not possible that you do not have one of ACTIVISION consultant weapons to specify how it is possible to hit an opponent at a great distance with a submachine. At most it should be difficult to focus on the opponent great distances. This only creates the idea that you are again making the game to play "runners".

Already snipers are highly disadvantaged by not possess scenarios involving camouflage.

Another factor is you take the "ricochet" in games. You know how to find bad players who live hindering the progress of the game, killing the own team. Yes you should just do it and not die also suffered the infraction die.

Another factor is the physics in this game. With a STRIKE manages to hit me inside of a house? I do not know the house collapsed on top of me. This happens several times in NUKETOWN. It is not possible that you do not see it, as well as certain shots pass concrete walls and steel barrels do not pass. If I want to show many places that this happens.

Well, this is just a few details of what makes this game a disaster. Sell ​​a lot does not mean that quality and it became BLACK OPS. Sells a lot, but the quality is dropping every day.

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i agree ive spawned in the middle of gun fights had hit markers or killed by kill streaks why in the hell is there no spanw protection?! makes no sense to me at all. yep more often than not another stupid factor outgunned by a five seven pistol or b23r is absurd! i know i dont get how the streaks get you when clearly i have ran inside a house!!!

there is one thing for sure this game was not beta tested by any professionals or real gamers with any sense of logic they rushed it out did it as fast as they could and left it at that. no communication with the older people of the community. the anim error on buried still unfixed! question is will it ever get fixed? if not they sold everyone a broken map that is unplayable and everyone should be refunded as it does not do as it should! well that might be just fmj shoots through any wall! as far as i know with the bullets but lag comp hit detection is ridiculous.

i was in one game the map where you can fall off and jump up the ladders i forgot its name. anyway it was sooo laggy everything was all jittery everyone lagging but still able to move but killing people was bad i mean shit even the stealth chopper was jittering it gives people with crap connections host or good i dont know. but i rarely pull host but when i do my god! i cant kill anyone its like bullets dont register the host always suffers its why i cant stand mp black ops 2 for this has to be the biggest failure i cant even be bothered to type out all the faults there are way to many to list!

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