will not let me get out of a clan I give to leave the clan but do not let me

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help me please

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A number of folks are having this same problem.  Unfortunately the only cure that I knew of was applying to another clan but the application section has been broken for weeks.  So clan leaders aren't able to accept applications at the moment even though you can send them.  Maybe somebody else out there can offer you some other way out of this situation.

Edit: I actually was just able to accept an application online.  So now would be a good time to join another clan.  If need be you can use a second account to create a clan, join that clan, and then use your second account to kick your main account from the new clan if you don't want to be in any clan.

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This is an issue we have notified the Elite team about and it is being looked into accordingly. However, some have had success vacating their clans by using the Elite web site while others have had success using the console application. We apologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

Regards, ^AxelSpoons

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